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September 7-13, 2020


How To Watch

There are several ways to watch the action throughout The Old White TPC. Choose your favorite, or try a different method each day. 


  • Follow a group — Pick your favorite players and walk with them throughout their round. This allows the spectator to see all of the incredible course, as well as every shot from their favorite golfers.
  • Pick a spot — Permanent spectator seating is available at behind No. 5 green with a view of the No. 6 tee, to the left on No. 11 green with a view of No. 12 tee, to the left of No. 15 green with a view of No. 16 tee and behind No. 17 green with a view of the entire 18th hole. Remaining in one spot saves fans from the physical demands of walking the course and also allows them to see a wide selection of golfers come through a spot. Aside from the permanent seating options, spectators are also allowed to bring a PGA TOUR-approved chair of their own and set it up in their favorite location.
  • Combination — A good way to see more of your favorite players and also get some rest is by staying ahead of your favorite player's group and sitting at one of the permanent seating locations or another spot and waiting for the group to come through. Repeat that process several times throughout the day to keep up with your favorite throughout his round. 

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