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September 7-13, 2020

Tournament Info

Tournament Management

Tournament Staff

Robert Harris

                 Executive Tournament Director

Ashley Cagle

Timothy W. Gwinn, II

Stephanie Yeager

Rhonda Shay

                 Assistant Tournament Director

                 Sponsor Relations Manager

                 Social Media Manager

                 Credentials and Tournament Coordinator

Brit Donahue

Amanda Aldridge

Alyssa Hill

                 Operations Manager

                 Volunteer Coordinator


Steering Committee

Dr. Jillean Justice                 President, The Greenbrier

Daniel Sullivan                     President, HNS Sports Group

Dennis Welch                        Adviser, HNS Sports Group

Elmer Coppoolse                  Chief Operating Officer, The Greenbrier

Larry Klein                             Vice President, The Greenbrier Sporting Club

Greg Furlong                          Vice President Group Sales and Events, The Greenbrier

Holly Jo Gillespie                   Director of Events, The Greenbrier

Cam Huffman                        Director of Public Relations, The Greenbrier

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